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"Ramalay" is an initiative undertaken by the devotees of Lord Rama.It is not any organization ,rather a club aimed at propagation of the practice of writing the holy name of Shree Ram as the universal means of bringing about peace, prosperity and the feeling of universal brotherhood and providing material and spiritual upliftment to humanity at large.Ram Nam means "the name Rama", which can imply either devotion to Rama, the avatar of Vishnu, or as a name to the ultimately formless, all-embracing Absolute Brahman. Rama's name is often chanted or sung within the many traditions of Hinduism. In today's world, man is suffering with so many problems. His complaints of pain sorrow and misery is endless and all his time is spent in earning his bread and overcoming problems, which leaves not even one peaceful moment for quiet contemplation – contemplation on mental peace; contemplation on true happiness - leave alone time for meditation and Yoga.In the age of kali practicing the holy name of lord is the only rescribed remedy for spiritual and mental problems.writing the holy name of lord Ram is one of the easiest and effective practice handed down by Masters. Ramalay strongly encourage you to take this practice since it is the easiest,safest and most effective.


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The benefit of writing The holy Shri Ram name:

Writing Sri Rama Jayam is called Likitha Jap- Writing Meditation. This gives one a complete sense of surrender to an inner conscience and peace while writing the golden words. All the sences are engaged in the service of lord.

• You can write this in any language of your choice. It is the connecting chords with the divine and your inner self.

• It is believed that a calmness engulfs as one indulges in writing the Sri Rama Jayam bringing in more clarity of mind, tolerance and strength to withstand obstacles in life

• The mantra forms an unending stream of bliss and a inner noise proclaiming that the Universe is just expanding giving in more opportunities and prosperity.

• As you write this matra – in small measures, every day, as and when possible, with due respect, it makes everything else of life’s needs fall in place automatically., just like a miracle of nature guiding its forces. You may
not get what you want but it will purify things and bring to you in a refined way.

• The mythological references states that the name of Rama is more strong and divine than the Lord Rama himself.

• Vedas tell that as the sun dispels the darkness, the chanting of Rama Nama dispels all evil and obstacles of life. It is a way of liberation and salvation of human suffering.

• When you think, that all roads are blocked to walk away from day to day problems, writing ‘Sri Ram Ram Ram’ gives you the most needed clarity of thoughts to find away out of odd situations

• Preserve the completed books carefully and donate them to us. These books are preserved byb us for humanity benefit.

• Ramacharitra Manas, Vibhishana Gita the divinity of Rama Nama japa. It is called a writing tapas

• Hindu way of living is seeing humanity in everything around. Writing Rama Jayam gives you a inner awakening towards to human mind, being kind , calm
and serene.

• The act of writing Ram Naam is important and keep his thoughts while doing so, is more important than the script, language or number., though for all longevity of the process a number in mind is planned while making a start

• A selfless and non-expectation while writing gives you more happiness and potential than expecting something writing. For you are a god’s child, and
God knows what you want and will give you what you are destined for and deserve. You don’t need to ask God for anything.

• Devotion of service of life and its varied forms is devotion to God. So there is no right or wrong way of writing this. The very thought and process to write is a connection with god and finds a inner meaning.

• It is a gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual upliftment. The chanting of Ram Mantra protects you with divine flow of energy transforming a balanced progressin your materialistic well being and spiritual wellness.

• It disolves all other sounds with it's vibration and create accoustic silence.

• Ram is the beej mantra of manipur chakra. this manipur chakra is the psychic center of human body where Sanchit karmasare stored. Ram nam writing helps to clean those karmas. It also helps to release suppressed emotions, negative samskaras from subconscious mind and unresolved issues of past.

• It creates dharana shakti in you which is far more powerful than normal forced concentration.It also helps in natural control of bad habits through sence withdrawal.

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